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April 2009

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lindiohead in faithful_pregnt

Fun Stuff for you!

Some sites to keep up with your pregnancy week by week:

Some places to go for Tickers, Banners, Memorials, and Ovulation/TTC trackers:
http://tickers.baby-gaga.com/pregnancy.php (this is my favorite, as it shows the development of your baby week by week.
http://lilypie.com/create_baby_days.php - These are my favorite Tickers. Check the left hand menu for TTC tickers!
http://www.tickercentral.com/tickertypes.php - More tickers.
http://tickerfactory.com/ezticker/ticker_designer.php - This one has MANY kinds. Including weight loss, savings, anniversaries, and more!
http://www.daisypath.com/ - Has Anniversary tickers I like.
http://women.evenhealth.com/cgi-bin/blinkies/index.cgi - Lots of fun Blinkies.
http://women.evenhealth.com/image/cgi-bin/pregnancy-tickers.cgi - More tickers.
http://nurturedfamily.com/ticker_main.aspx - Tickers, as well as bible verses!

Have any to share? Let me know!



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