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April 2009



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Apr. 8th, 2009


Hi ladies...

My husband and I are still trying to conceive. I am not pregnant still...did anyone try anything herbal or different to become pregnant? I am sort of sad. I wanted my little ones to be close in age but with each passing month they are further apart they will be more than three years at this point. I am trying really hard to believe that God wants to bless us, and that there is a reason and He knows best...but with a friend who just had a baby and one pregnant I am getting discouraged. Any advise or thoughts?

Mar. 17th, 2009


Hi I am not pregnant yet...

I am 27 yrs old
Married for 6 yrs
I have two daughters
ages 2 and almost 5
I am trying to conceive, praying for a son!
I live in Central NY state
I attend an Assemblys of God church.

We do not prevent pregnancy at this time, and I have decided to never again use a chemical birth control, I only have sparingly in the first part of my marriage, it made me very sick. Then again after my first daughter was born and also made me very sick...two very different kinds same effect. I hope to be pregnant soon this could be my month!!

nice to meet you all


Jan. 20th, 2009


(no subject)

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Aug. 20th, 2008


Pregnancy Survey

What Cravings have you had? Um... I don't really know honestly. I haven't really had STRONG cravings for anything except Gatorade G2 grape flavored, which I find kind of weird. Nothing concrete really comes to mind, though.

What Aversions have you had? I can't eat sweet stuff, like candy or anything like that. It makes me extremely nauseous. I actually had two small Tootsie Rolls a few weeks ago (the small 1 cent ones) and wanted to vomit.

How much weight have you gained? I've lost close to 10 pounds. It's called throwing up everything you eat.

How many Old Wives Tales were true? (if you know what you're having) I won't know what I'm having, so I guess I'll have to answer this postpartum?

Baby Name: It's a secret.

Due Date: March 13, 2009

How Far Along Are You?
11 weeks on Friday.

What is the Baby's Heart Rate?
Um... no idea? Because my doctor's office is SO booked, I haven't had that part done yet (and they don't do that on the first visit) I really like the doctor's office I go to because they actually LET women be pregnant instead of having 2,000,000 doctor's appointments (unless something is wrong, of course).

How are you carrying, high or low?
I'm just starting to show a wee little bit, so I can't really answer this question for sure yet.

Did you have morning sickness? YES. It is HORRIBLE. I throw up all the time. First, I had to eat BEFORE getting out of bed because if I didn't eat and let it sit for 15 minutes (mind you, having to PEE HORRIBLY) I would throw up. Well, body decided to switch (and it took me two days of throwing up everything I ate in the morning and afternoon to figure this out) and now I have to get up first before I eat. Weird. Some days are so bad, it's like I have a stomach bug, throwing up every 10 minutes or so... it hasn't been THAT bad for a week and a few days, though.

When did you first feel the baby kick? I should be feeling this pretty soon!!!! I'm so excited for that!

What are you having? A baby...

The weirdest thing anyone's said to you about your pregnancy:  Nothing weird yet, though I hate when people tell me (after this morning sickness thing that has only been just over 2 weeks long) that they were sick for MONTHS because that isn't very encouraging. Hehe...

How are you planning to deliver? Naturally...? At a hospital?

Have you set up the nursery? Not yet... we will probably the beginning of next year, though.

What color do you like best for your baby? Dunno yet.

How did you find out you were pregnant? According to a "normal" cycle, I was 3 weeks late, but since I am not normal, it was only like 1 week late for me, so I peed on a stick and I saw a negative line right away. I then looked about 30 seconds later, and I saw a plus sign. Then I cried because I was freaked out and it was a huge shock to us. I then turned to my husband and said, "I swear it's not negative this time." Haha, we had taken like 3 negative tests the week before.

Did you cry when you found out what you were having? When I found out I was having a baby, yes, but I don't know what I'm having, and I get sick and tired of answering questions like these. Some women DON'T want to find out for crying out loud! lol...

What are you most anticipating about the birth of your baby? Finally getting to know the feeling everyone describes (or, can't describe really) of how it feels to be a mom. I look forward to taking care of my baby and falling in love with a little being that, even though he/she wasn't really planned, is life's most amazing miracles.

Aug. 19th, 2008

Creepy girl


(no subject)

Pregnancy survey.

What Cravings have you had?
Jalapenos by the handful straight out of the jar, pickles, salty chips, beef jerky, orange juice, onions, fish, lemons, peppers, taco bell pinto beans, pretty much anything acidic, salty or creamy.

With Jessie I drank tons of juice, loved tuna helper, and pasta.

With Audrey I ate strawberries and drank vanilla soy milk ALL the time. She's made of it!

What Aversions have you had? Don't really like sweet stuff right now, but if it's sour or chocolatey I will eat it. I don't like the same smells as I did when I wasn't preg.

I thought Adam smelled HORRIBLE when I was preg with Jessie, and was really hesitant to have sex with him. he grossed me out and it made me feel so bad!!

I don't think I had many with Audrey, or at least none that I can specifically remember.

How much weight have you gained? About 6lbs so far.

I gained about 30 extra lbs above my pre pregnancy weight, so about 55 or so with Jessie.

I didn't gain anything extra, but about 30lbs total while preg with Audrey.

How many Old Wives Tales were true? (if you know what you're having) I'm about half and half. Some of the ones that were right:
Orange Juice - I like it, they say that means boy. I usually don't care for it.
Carrying all in front this time, so boy.
I look good this pregnancy, so boy. lol
Crave salty and sour, which is boy.
Carrying like a basketball, so boy.

It was crazy wrong about the girls!

Baby Name: Oliver James

Due Date: January 1st 09

Jessie's was Dec 18th 04, she was born on the 22nd

Audrey's was Aug 10th 06, she was born on the 17th.

How Far Along Are You?
21 weeks Thursday!

What is the Baby's Heart Rate?
Oliver's was 157 both times I've heard it.

Jessie's was always in the 150-160 range, as well as Audrey.

How are you carrying, high or low?
VERY high this time around I would say. I look like I swallowed a volley ball or soccer ball.

High with jessie, and like a torpedo at the end.

Very round with Audrey, like a basketball.

Did you have morning sickness? HORRENDOUS!!!!

I threw up in the mornings for 8 weeks with Jessie, but after I threw up I felt fine.

None at all with Audrey, other that I had the flu for 7 days. Yuck!

When did you first feel the baby kick? Around 13 or so weeks.

Around 16 weeks with Jessie.

Around 14 weeks with Audrey.

What are you having? BOY!!!!!!

The weirdest thing anyone's said to you about your pregnancy: Not much so far. I had one lady tell me she craved Jalapenos and onions too and she had a girl, so I thought for sure I was! lol

I can't remember with Jessie, but this one lady asked if I was pregnant or just gave birth when I was 5 months along with Audrey.

How are you planning to deliver? At an Army Hospital.

Jessie was born in the Woodlands Hospital in TX

Audrey was born in an Army Hospital in GA

Have you set up the nursery? Nope, we have to buy a few big items before we can.

What color do you like best for your baby? Green!

How did you find out you were pregnant? I was 4 days late, and took a test to ease my mind. I was so sure it would be negative, but right after I set it down on the counter it was positive.

As soon as the pee hit the stick it was positive with Jessie. I was 7 days late.
Same for Audrey

Did you cry when you found out what you were having? Yes, I did. Hehe

Nope and Nope.

What are you most anticipating about the birth of your baby? Meeting this little man!

Jul. 29th, 2008


(no subject)

Name: Jessie  
Age: 23
Location: Michigan
Marital Status: Happily married :)
Children: This will be our first.
Due Date: March 13thish... though it may be a week off.
Would you like to be on the Roster? What is that? Sure.
Denomination or church affiliation if you choose to share: I am a Christian, not affiliated with any denomination really.
Any Pregnancy Related Questions or Concerns?  Hmm... not really, other than I wish I could stop using the bathroom all the time!
Have any Pictures to Share? Not yet! I need to work on this...
Creepy girl


(no subject)

Fun Stuff for you!
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