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Pregnant Women of Faith
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This community is for women of ANY Faith to enjoy a pregnancy community as well as make new friends and fellowship with others. The main topics and discussions are up to you! Although we will try to bring up surveys or polls for you all to fill out as we come across them.

Upon joining, please post this survey:

Marital Status:
Due Date:
Would you like to be on the Due Date Roster?
Denomination or church affiliation if you choose to share:
Any Pregnancy Related Questions or Concerns?
Have any Pictures to Share?

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There are only a few simple rules for the community. You can refer to this part of the user info if you aren't sure whether or not to post something in the community.

1. No foul language please. If you use it you will be warned, and if you persist, you will be banned. We realize not everyone has a problem with cursing, but some people of certain faiths do. All we ask is that you be courteous and conscientious of other people's feelings and beliefs and refrain from it altogether.

2. Pictures are allowed, but keep them in your best judgment. If you think it could even possibly be not safe for work, I wouldn't post it here. Otherwise, if it is a bathing suit or underwear shot, just put it under a cut and put a brief description of why it may not be suitable for work in the cut text.

3. Feel free to promote other communities, as long as they somehow relate to the topics of pregnancy, birth, parenting, or faith.

4. You can post about just about anything, there is no specific topic for this community. This is mainly a community to share feelings, or ask questions.

5. Put long entries behind a cut. It's just to save people from scrolling a lot.

6. No talking down to someone (flaming), or to someone on the community. You will be warned, and the post will be deleted. We really do not tolerate rude, or demeaning comments or posts. We understand people won't agree on religious views, or on topics. The best two pieces of advice I can give are:
a. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.
b. The Golden Rule; Treat others as you would like to be treated.

If you feel someone's post or comment violates the community rules, or you feel offended by something they've said or posted, please email us immediately. We want to be there to help you if you have concerns.

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Some of the members in this community are pregnant. Here are their Due Dates!

User Name Due Date Sex of Baby
lindiohead January 1st Boy
unicorn_fart November 11th 08 Girl
robersonj March 13th Unknown

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Contact Information

Lindy - lindiohead - Email: hopelandiczx3 @ yahoo.com

If you don't see your denomination, or religious affiliation in our interests, PLEASE let us know! We would love to include all of our members.

Please promote our community! We need members! :)

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